Fremantle 10 years – Artist and Muralist

Graeme Richards is the man behind the breathtakingly large mural at The East West Design Gallery on South Terrace in Freo. The mural extends 86 meters at the front entrance and was completed over a period of 3 years. Still in progress, the mural continues down the sides and the back of the building, where he is currently painting the remainder of the mural on Marine Terrace. We met up with Graeme to find out his five favourite spots in Freo to have a break when he’s not busy painting.

La Sosta

I did a mural upstairs at La Sosta, which is looking really good. It’s a modern Italian restaurant and I went back in the other day to have a meal and a beer and it was lovely. It was good to sit in there and see how the place has finished off since I was last there.

Ootong and Lincoln

I really like the décor and the feel of the place. The food is great too.

Patisserie La Vespa

Vespa’s is a family style bakery and it has a really nice and unpretentious vibe. I usually go there for coffee and a cronut – it’s pretty good coffee there.

Third Wheel

Third wheel just opened up down the bottom of South Terrace and I’ve been there a few times for coffee since it started. The people are friendly and I’ll sometimes go when I have a break for coffee and cake.

Run Amok

They’re nice big hot dogs and great service. I normally get the traditional hot dogs because otherwise it’s too many ingredients for me; I prefer to keep it simple.

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Ella Liascos

Ella Liascos

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