Fremantle 20 years – Mayor, City of Fremantle

Brad Pettitt was elected Mayor in 2009 and later re-elected in 2013, and has since served Fremantle with his unique combination of expertise including climate change, international aid policy and sustainability planning. A local of Freo first and foremost, Brad shares his Top 5 places to hang out for a coffee, a bite to eat and a beer.


My regular haunt in the morning I go to is hush on high street; it’s my kind of morning coffee ritual. I try to avoid the banana bread but normally fail; so that’s a definite favourite

Strange Company

Strange Company is certainly another favourite in terms of after hours. It used to be a wetsuit shop back in the day; in fact I still have my wetsuit from there. Space Agency, Michael Patroni’s architecture practice does an amazing job of taking what was a pretty scungy warehouse for wetsuits and turned it into something really good. It’s also taking a forgotten street of Freo that no one really knew about and brings people down into the west end to re-activate those spaces.

Bathers Beach House

Bathers Beach House has been a really important one for Freo in the sense that it’s a place right on the beach. The fact that its actually started to really re-activate that end of town has been really nice too and does it really well too. Again, they took a pretty ugly old Fisherman’s Co-op building and turned it into something that’s actually quite cool and a really great use of public space – so in terms of a great spot to watch the sunset over the water, I rate that pretty highly.

Bib & Tucker

Speaking of beaches, Bib and Tucker is a hard spot to beat. Where else do you get to sit right on the beach? I actually go to Bib and Tucker a fair bit because it’s so stunning and you can go for a good run along the beach as well.


You have to put Mojos way up there in terms of live music. It’s a great venue that’s just kept going. It’s constantly evolved and changed and always kept its relevance the whole time I’ve been in Freo, or the 20 plus years that I’ve been going to bars. I think it was called the Stone Crow originally and changed its name shortly after when Phil Stevens took it over.

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Ella Liascos

Ella Liascos

Born and raised in Freo, Ella is a passionate local of our port town. With a degree in Communications and a knack for the written word, she puts her curiosities to paper – interviewing locals and business owners of Fremantle, to deliver the good oil on what’s happening all over town.